7-DNA - Clothing

7-DNA clothing is not-for-profit, with all clothing orders going straight to the supplier directly, from you - the purchaser.

All clothing comes in a 'standard' form, with two 7-DNA logos included in the base price for the clothing item, as defined below (except for the Beanie, which has a single logo as standard).

These standard logos can be altered, for an additional fee, again as outlined below.

Extra logos, either selected from those provided by 7-DNA artwork, or customer's own artwork, can be included for a further additional fee. See below for further information.

7-DNA Clothing Options

7-DNA has a range of branded clothing, supplied directly from the supplier, with the option for user designed logos to be included at additional cost. See below for more information.

Click on a clothing item for more information.

7-DNA Clothing   7-DNA Clothing   7-DNA Clothing   7-DNA Clothing   7-DNA Clothing   7-DNA Clothing   7-DNA Clothing   7-DNA Clothing   7-DNA Clothing

Other colours are available!

Note: All images are for illustration purposes only. Exact Logo sizes and positions may vary, as may garment colours.


To place an order for any 7-DNA clothing please note your requirements from the information below and send an e-mail to the supplier: lesley@l-s-d.co.uk.

Note: Please be aware once garments have been embroidered they cannot be returned. If there are size concerns garments can be provided for 'trying-on', at customers expense, and with a deposit for item return.

Bulk discount and multiple item shipping discount is available. Please discuss directly with the supplier.


7-DNA has designed a selection of artwork for use with its branded clothing, and additionally customers can add their own variations by supplying their own artwork or text requirements.

7-DNA Artwork

7-DNA Roundel - With URL. This is the default Roundel logo, but can be replaced with the version without URL, for an additional fee.

7-DNA Roundel With URL

7-DNA Roundel - Without URL. This optional Roundel logo can be ordered as a replacement for the above version (with URL) for an additional fee of £5.50 GBP.

7-DNA Roundel Without URL

7-DNA Silhouettes - 3 Standard Versions. Any of the 3 Silhouette versions can be specified in their default locations. To have an additional silhouette added to any clothing item (for example on the back of a t-shirt or polo shirt, as well as the front left breast) will cost an additional £5.50 GBP.

Silhouette Cycle   Silhouette Clams   Silhouette S4

The three Silhouette options are: Cycle Wings, Clamshell Wings. and Series 4 Seven, as shown above.

You can also have the same basic silhouette logos, but with windscreen...

Silhouette Cycle   Silhouette Clams   Silhouette S4

And we have just added an Elsie S1 and Elise S2 Silhouette...

Elise S1 Silhouette   Elise S2 Silhouette

Customer Artwork

In addition to the 7-DNA generated artwork,user self-generated artwork can also be used to add additional logos to any item of clothing. Text base logos, such as 7-DNA forum usernames of up to approximately 10 characters for an additional £5.50 GBP.

Eugene Logo

The above is an example of such a self drawn customer logo, although it is often easier to specify the username, and the font to be used.

More complex customer generated logos can also be added to any clothing order, with the price defined on supply of the artwork.

Le BOG Club

The above is an example of a more complex customer designed logo, the cost of which would be defined on supply of the artwork. And the following is a bespoke Softshell jacket, with the above custom artwork applied...

Eugene Logo

If you need any help with logos contact 'Eugene' via the 7-DNA forums!