7-DNA aims to provide an open, non-commercial environment for all owners of vehicles that have some aspect of Lotus 7 DNA running through them, providing a way to communicate with each other by offering a melting-pot for discussion of all things Lotus 7 inspired, without major restriction, for all Lotus 7 enthusiasts, regardless of the Seven's make, age, specification, or use.

That includes original Lotus 7s, Caterham, Westfield, Birkin, Locost, Dax, Donkervoort, Robin Hood, Tiger, Dutton, and any others you can name...

We welcome anyone who either has a Lotus 7 inspired vehicle, or is just an active enthusiast.

As with any forum we do need some rules that all of us agree to follow, most of which are based on the concept of common courtesy.

Think of these forums as a 'virtual pub' and you won't go too far wrong. Some 'elevated banter' is expected, and the odd argument, but please act and say things in a way you would be happy to do face-to-face in a pub!

Participants will also be organising events for the benefit of all, including track days, social meetings, and tours.

Additionally, suppliers of components for 7 related vehicles will be providing 'specials' for group members.

7-DNA is also home to

Le BOG Club

Manufacturer Specific Clubs

7-DNA is not a club - it is just a 'meeting point' for anyone with an interest in 7 related vehicles. For manufacturer specific clubs we would direct you to the the relevant club or association.

Dax Sporting Club

Dutton Owners Club

Lotus 7 Club

Locost Builders

Tiger Owners Club

Westfield Sports Car Club


The following links will take you to the relevant website for the selected '7' type vehicle manufacturer. Please drop us an e-mail to have any missing manufacturers listed here.


Caterham Cars

Tiger Sportcars

Westfield Sportscars

Suppliers and Services

The companies linked to below offer services and products that have been recommended by participants in the 7-DNA forum. If you know other suppliers or service providers that you would recommend drop us a message with their details.

Car Covers and More

The 7 Workshop

Open Road Hire


Plays Kool Motorsport

Storm Car Covers